MerCiFuL StaB

MerCiFuL StaB

​Aaawww! Hmmmmn!

I looked with tears in my eyes

Tears of pity, shame and remorse

For my brothers have been stabbed in the heart, back and eyes

Not by the enemy but our bloodline

Stabbed with daggers forged from the fires made to ward off the slithering snake
Aaawww! Hmmmmn!

Mi Naa ekpɛ

Ha mi otue ni magba bo sane Ko

They had a dream blemablema Ko

A dream so strong it flamed out passion 

The passion as rain; o how pure it was

It’s burden on their hearts as of Nehemiah’s

For this purpose they stepped on the tail of the sleeping hyena

Battle as fierce as Behemoth against Leviathan did they win

Amɛ shwee amɛ la kɛ he shikponŋ lɛ eha wɔ

Akɛ wɔ baa tsa ta lɛ nɔ

Ha sane nɛɛ ahi otsui mli

Aaawwww! Hmmmmn!
I look on with tears in my eyes

As mi nyɛkwɛ ewo kukwɛ lɛ nɔ k3ɛ tsɔɔ Nuntsɔ lɛ yɛ hwɛŋ

For their blood cries: Seeking justice and purging of the land

My eyes are filled with tears 

Not! for the gonners but the stayers and comers

For the cold harmattan approaches

“Run with their Dream” “Fulfill the Vision”

Our only escape saith the Judge

For this purpose I too live 

Ni wɔ hiɛ aka shwiee shi

But our royal reign secured

NiiDjarteh II




What more is there to talk about?
What more are our hearts chocked by so we vomit them out?

Is it not established that so long as the sun and moon hang in the sky above and the hand of the clock moves from east to  west so will there be two men on the surface of the earth?

Don’t you name these two as: The captive and free; the inferior and superior; the weak and mighty; and often the oppressed and the oppressor?

Were they not all conceived by Twediampong Kwame and birth from the womb of Asaase Yaa?

Whence therefore from this mutually exclusivity?
Do you not know you hail from the cradle of life?

Were you not informed you are the legal custodian of civilization?

Need I ask if you are oblivious of the customs and traditions of your ancestors which is life to all who drink of its well from the calabash of purity and light in the dark path of he who binds them to his heart?

What then troubles your mind and keeps you “perpetually” chained in this cave?

With the gifts of nature at your disposal, why then do you remain oppressed?
‘Choice is that which sets men apart’; ‘as far as Wuoyi is from Kooyi so will the two men be: Wise and Foolish’ the words of our fathers

The oppressed once upon a time, Enquired of his Chi his fate at dawn; sat on his buttocks, sung hymns, smoked from his pipe and played his harp in the heat of the day; exchanged his pot of gold for a bottle of wine and a bowl of food saying ‘…lest i die of hunger in my sleep; slept with his gates unsecured at night: Buulu feemɔ yɛ etsui he! His irresponsibility:…Ja wulɔmɔ Nuumo Tete gbala emli ehawɔ

Why do you shed tears and lament over spilled milk? 

Have your ears not caught the whispers from the air of tales of our father’s whom from nothing built empires? ‘

How they laid their heart on the alter for sacrifice and their lives as the coal?

Are you not of the pure bloods?

What man do you choose today; The Alkebulan or the African?

NiiDjarteh II